Legendary Africa is the podcast where a disembodied voice speaks, shouts, swears and whispers myths, legends and lore from Africa straight into your ear canal. Join me, my two dogs and our companion moth (named Squirt) on an adventure through the African continent. We find out about dragons, witches, fairies, magicians, demigods, boy heroes, dragon slaying princesses, ogres, ghosts, Egyptian treasure and so much more!



Read about our latest episodes here!  We have stories from Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Tanzania and more! Whether you’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on your way to work, sipping on a cup of tea or simply looking for something to laugh at in the evenings, you can read all about our latest episodes here.

Episode 22: The (Mis)adventures of Jackal ft. Dustin Steichmann (Host of Sandman Stories Presents) - a trip through Southern Africa

Welcome Legends! Today, we learn all about Jackal and his various (mis)adventures! This episode is very special to me as my dear friend and fantastic fellow podcaster, Dustin Steichmann, host of Sandman Stories Presents, has kindly provided his lovely voice for the characters in my stories! For generations, Jackal has held his spot in various African folklore as one of the most devious (if not the most!) creature in the animal kingdom. For this episode, we listen to the Swazi, the Zulu and the Khoikhoi as they tell us all about Jackal's mischievous deeds. Will Jackal go too far? And will he face the consequences?

Mer-tails: Zennor and the Karoo with The Faerie Folk

Hi Legends! I have a very special episode for you today. I am joined by none other than the fabulous host of The Faerie Folk podcast! A folklore enthusiast who runs an amazing podcast about all things faerie, she and I chat about the most popular water-related mythical creatures of all time: mermaids! We first go to Zennor in Cornwall, UK to hear about the romantic tale of a mermaid and her lover, before journeying to the Karoo in South Africa to listen to darker tales of murderous mermaids, floods and a girl with a face of rainbow pearls. Enjoy and stay legendary! 

Episode 21: Faaraa'see and the Pot of Boiling Butter - a tale from Zanzibar

Hi Legends! Welcome back to Season 2 of Legendary Africa! Today we go to Zanzibar to hear about the Islamic-influenced tale of a heroic horse, a wise apprentice and a wicked magician.

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Ever desire to disassociate from humanity? Relate more to frogs, jellyfish, bugs, worms and toxic slime? Are you interested in the obscure, freaky, weird, bizarre and unusual oddities of nature, which are much cooler than us? Then this is the show for you!


The biology podcast that scientists, teachers and parents would rather pretend does not exist, as we mock the natural abominations which own this planet, and the people who refuse to realize this!


We are a satirical, absurdist, gonzo, troll, parody, comedy show! We twist facts, lie and over-exaggerate! Do NOT believe any LIES we feed you!


Theshira and Rashalia brought a lot of wonderful tales from the continent of Africa. Stories that would never have come into my world withouth their knowledge and warm storytelling style. I hope that Theshira "Doc" Pather continues on with the podcast and continues to bring amazing stories from the continent that she loves so much. Theshira has a way of storytelling that will keep you listening until the very end. Her love of folklore and African cultures can be felt in every story. She adds her own flavor to the stories and her writing skills are evident in every tale. Her voice is engaging and will keep you listening until the very end. If you like folklore, Africa, and storytelling, this is the pod for you." - Dustin Steichmann (US). Sandman Stories Presents Podcast

"Love this show, really good voice for podcasting and the info is on point and entertaining" -podcastfan2020 (UK)

"Sisters Theshira and Rashalia have created a wonderful myths and legends podcast that has quickly become a firm favourite of mine! Every episode is well researched, informative, witty, friendly and a breath of fresh air! The variety of topics is absolutely brilliant as is their knowledge and point of view, I look forward to every episode, you guys are keeping me going through lockdown, thank you!!"Siobhan Clark (UK). The Myth, Legend and Lore Podcast

"A brilliant new myths and legends podcast has arrived! Legendary dives deeply into a variety of interesting myths and folklore with a hilarious, chatty style between sisters Theshira and Rashalia. Every episode feels like a fun chat between friends and makes you wish you could join in and laugh along! Also, the frequent upload schedule means that you can always look forward to a new episode to get you through the week." The Faerie Folk Podcast (UK)

"Theshira and Rashalia's Legendary Africa is such a fresh, spontaneous podcast! i love how their conversations span effortlessly from pop culture to interesting facts on African mythologies - and as most siblings, they seem to have that family banter going on. Definitely a duo to watch... or shall I say, to listen!"Chitchatting Podcast (UK) 

"Absolutely love this podcast! I'd never heard any African myths or folklore before, and they are all so fascinating. And Theshira has such a fun, modern spin on everything Her way of telling the stories always keeps me entertained, and her speaking voice is so lovely as well!"

Katie (USA)

30 Minute Expert Podcast

"I really enjoyed listening to this podcast! It's a very unique and interesting concept for a podcast! The open discussions allow the hosts to share their naturally funny and engaging personalities. You can tell they're very well researched and have a great knowledge of the content. Recommend giving this podcast a listen and subscribe."Apps lover1 (Canada)

"I like listening to this podcast because it's unique and the host keeps your attention with her well researched and compelling subjects. Her voice is also very soothing, which helps me get into her stories." Krista121212 (USA)

"There are so many interesting myths and legends in Africa, and I hadn't heard any before! It is so well researched and covered, I can't get enough. Keep up the good work!"WeSureAre (USA)



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"I found this very good to listen, well put together. A thoroughly great podcast that was comfortable and enjoyable to listen to, would highly recommend."Dave Dimelow (UK)

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